teaser for Paradox next Sunday (now with Free Download)

27 07 2013


DAS ROBOT LiVES (Evidence)



As its been 6 months since I recorded Krazy Krimbo Italia, I thought it was kind of a good idea to put some tunes together n see if das robot can still mix these things we call ‘choons’

Paradox is next Sunday, and I can’t wait to get my hands on some knobs and faders, see you there

Click the mixcloud link above for an hour of deep grooves, acid house, techno and some pure piano rave

Download coming tomorrow

As promised D/L link – 


K d’bot


it’s all true!! Das Robot back in Manchester

24 07 2013


All the rumours are true, the plans have been made. Paradox is coming to Manchester ,as is a certain Kev Das Robot. After a 2 year hiatus from performing (even longer in Manchester, 5 maybe?) Das Robot will be bringing the vibes to the Northern Quarter for Paradox on Sunday 4th July. We’r gonna party like it’s 1999 or something. If electronic music is your game, Paradox is the name.


The gloves are off and it’s a no holds barred journey into electronica, expect some good things, see you there…

Kraftwerk Live at Latitude

21 07 2013


So its only 1 track and I don’t even know who Kraftwerk are anymore, but does that mean I’m less excited. Errr no

Kraftwerk Live (yes LIVE vocals by Ralf) at Latitude and is on BBC iplayer now, check out their 3d show, if you have the glasses of course


or listen to a very rare interview with Ralf here;



kev d’bot

YO Manchester, Paradox is coming!

21 07 2013
PARADOX has landed at Cord in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Join DJs Cerebral Binary and Digital reflux on an eclectic journey through the world of electronic music.  There are no genres here so expect the unexpected.
Sunday 4th August – Boom, the elctronic overload is almost  upon us.
Mixing a broad range of genres from minimal, to deep house, electro, glitch hop, dubstep, progressive and tech house. Anything nice and electronic basically
get over here to check out the latest news
I hear a certain ‘das robot’ might be making a rare a appearance!! watch this space!

The Prodigy Go Camping

3 07 2013

Keef giving us his views on camping equipment!! Funny.


Keef gives us some valuable information about camping equipment in a very serious tone, he obviously knows his stuff. Wait till he gets to the shooting hats, it gets funny and they all crack up.

CLICK HERE – Keith giving us his opinions on outdoor equipment, funny!!

taken from the DVD/Blu-ray Worlds On Fire

Released 23rd May 2011

Vijay and Sofia – loving that deep sound

3 07 2013



Vijay and Sofia have floated a  a few very nice remixes on their Soundcloud page Vijay and Sofia recently, I suggest you get over there and download them before they reach their download limits.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the melancholic daft punk re-fix – Daft Punk – Verdis Quo

and the Ga Ga re-interpretation is pretty cool too.. – Lady Ga Ga – Paparazzi


oh …I can’t get enough of the  Major Lazer rework – Major Lazer – Get Free

Find them on Facebook too – Vijay and Sofia


more musical  gems from the’ k to the d –  bot’




My Glastonbury (I wasn’t there but..)

3 07 2013



Well on the whole I thought it looked like a pretty weak Glasto line up, but can there be such a thing? of course not. So what if Daft Punk didn’t play or anyone major in Electronica, no Aphex , no Kraftwerk, no Orbital… oh well.

You might be interested in  the Arctics or the Stones or Primal Screams, but to be honest what have they done recently to break boundaries or ignite musical creativity?? Tell me.. no seriously tell me…. BUT wait….

Click on the GLASTONBURY MAN link above for hours of class music performance, my highlights were Chic doing a ‘Nile Rodgers wrote everyhting in the 80’s set’. Fair play he kind of did unless your into Metal. Chic!


My highlights were of course a little more alternative, so in no particular order;

Chase and Status – “absolutely T for Tremendous” Chase and Status

Don’t Don’t beleive the …. if you dont know the lyric then your reading the wrong blog –  Immense in every way Public Enemy

Azealia Banks –  Old skoool house / rap / rave music, no EDM Yankee shizzzle here, just pure dance music class – Azealia Banks

Ok so not so alternative, but argue with me on this, I dare you!! The XX

Jessie Ware – doing what she does London stylee…Jessie Ware

Portishead were of course mysterious and magical, amazing performance – Portishead

and James Blake added his soulful complex electronic blend to the fray – James Blake

What were your highlights, on iplayer or in real life ‘like you have too much money really, posho!!!’

Tell me,

K’d Bot